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Monolec – Pre-Mix 2 Cycle Engine Oil

$ 36.95

LE’s 8104 MONOLEC® Two-Cycle Engine Oil’s special formulation instantly disperses in the fuel. This and other exclusive features of LE’s 8104 MONOLEC® Two-Cycle Engine Oil help achieve optimum performance in two-cycle engines. LE’s 8104 is blended with paraffinic base oils for greater film strength, lubricity and high natural Viscosity index. It contains MONOLEC®, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive.

In two-cycle engines, lubrication is achieved by mixing the lubricant with the fuel, and using the fuel coming into the carburetor as a carrier for the oil. Lubrication of the entire engine must be accomplished in a single pass through the system. The fuel/oil/air mixture passes from the carburetor into the combustion chamber in a split second, where high temperatures instantly vaporize the gasoline. The oil, in droplet form, must lubricate all moving parts of the crankshaft, plus the piston and cylinder. If combustion of the oil is incomplete, or by-products are deposited in the cylinder, serious problems can develop such as spark plug fouling, clogging and restriction of intake ports, piston ring sticking or piston scuffing.
Lot Size: 1 Pint.


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