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Penetrating Oils

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  • 4059 H1 QUINPLEX® Penetrating Oil & Lubricant

    Outstanding aerosol food grade penetrating oil and lubricant. Works quickly to dissolve rust and free-up frozen parts. Rapidly penetrates and leaves a heavy lubricant film for further lubrication and corrosion prevention. Formulated from USP Grade mineral oils and other USDA H1 rated components. Contains LE's proprietary additive, QUINPLEX®.

    Any area where a penetrating and lubricating oil suitable for incidental food contact is required. This includes bottling and canning equipment, food processing machinery, slides, cams, chains and other machine surfaces.

  • Monolex® Penetrating Oil & Lubricant – 2059

    Monolex® is a fast-acting, surfacewetting
    formula that works as
    a light lubricating oil as well as
    penetrating lubricant. The tough
    film created by Monolex is far
    more effective than ordinary oils.
    Its excellent penetrating ability
    helps it work its way through
    layers of rust, gum, resins, varnish
    and dirt, dissolving or washing
    them away and quickly loosening
    “frozen” components – even those
    that are hard to reach. Monolex
    also contains a water-displacing
    agent that drives out moisture,
    allowing it to retard corrosion,
    even in saltwater applications.
    The Lubrication Reliability Source™

    Beneficial Qualities

    Works as a Light Lubricating Oil

    • Wets surfaces, leaving a light
    protective coat on all metal
    • Reduces wear and extends
    equipment life
    • Contains EP additives that activate
    if extreme pressures cause
    lubricant film to be ruptured
    • Contains no harsh caustics or acids

  • Wirelife® Almasol® Coating Lubricant – 2002

    Wirelife® Almasol® Coating Lubricant (2002) is a fluid wire rope lubricant that provides a tough outer coating to seal
    and protect against fretting corrosion, wear and rust – even under extreme load and moisture. It seals and protects
    better than any product available. When used in conjunction with Wirelife Monolec® Penetrating Lubricant, maximum
    protection and wear reduction is achieved. In addition to its primary function as a coating, it also provides moderate penetration – depending on the tightness of tolerances and the temperature when applied. It contains a petroleum solvent to enhance its ability to penetrate. The solvent evaporates, leaving behind a self-healing, nontacky, protecting film that is highly resistant to wash-off from both fresh and salt water.

  • Wirelife® Monolec® Penetrating Lubricant – 2001

    resistance and high load carrying (EP) properties. It penetrates to the core of wire ropes, whether they are running or stationary. It is also excellent as a penetrating lubricant for chains of all sizes and works well in a variety of other industrial applications. When used in conjunction with Wirelife Almasol® Coating Lubricant, maximum protection and wear reduction is achieved.
    It contains a petroleum solvent to enhance its ability to penetrate. The solvent evaporates, leaving behind a film of heavy-bodied lubricant that protects and lubricates each strand and resists leakage from the wire rope core.

    Beneficial Qualities

    Superior Penetration

    • Penetrates to the core of
    wire rope and to the pin and
    bushing area of chains
    • Provides long-lasting
    lubrication of inner strands of
    wire rope

    High Load-Carrying Capacity &
    Friction Reduction

    • Contains extreme pressure (EP)
    • Works well for heavily loaded
    standing or running wire ropes
    • Resists fretting wear, a major
    cause of wire rope failures
    • Provides wear-reducing
    protection between strands
    and over sheaves or drums
    • Allows strands to slide against
    each other with greatly
    reduced friction, wear and heat


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