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Fuel Supplements

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    BTU + Power Supplement & Cleaner for Diesel Fuel

    $ 49.95 $ 61.95

    BTU+ Diesel Fuel Improvers are designed to provide protection for year-round use of diesel fuels in on- and off-road engines.

    Better dispersion of water while dropping out free water
    Better fuel economy
    Better low temperature starting
    Economical treat rate. Mix ratio 1:1000
    Fewer emissions
    Improves EGR system efficiency and helps reduce soot in oil
    Keeps filters and injectors clean for longer life
    Less maintenance of fuel pumps and injectors, rings and valves
    Longer fuel stabilization
    More complete combustion for more BTUs
    Prevents rust and corrosion
    Smoother running engine

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    L-X Heavy Duty – Suppliment for Petrol(Gas)

    $ 39.95 $ 60.00

    LE's 2300 L-X® Heavy Duty Chemical Supplement is a combination of oils and chemicals which has been carefully selected utilizing an advanced formulation. It has a unique ability to permeate metal to help today's internal combustion engines achieve maximum performance.

    Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.

    Size: 1 Pint.

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